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Powered by Google Maps, our convenient map of Norwalk can not only help you find locations and info on the best places to park in town, but also locate common points of interest, private parking facilities, search for nearby restaurants & stores and even get directions! Select markers on the map for more related info and options. Sure beats trying to figure out how to fold that map your friend gave you, eh? Plus, find out if there are available parking spaces at the South Norwalk Train Station.

Real Time Parking Availability
Spaces Occupied     Spaces Available
Maritime Garage & South Norwalk Train Station
Maritime Garage
15 740
SoNo Train Lev1
SoNo Train Lev2
70 48
SoNo Train Lev3
54 71
SoNo Train Lev4
28 97
SoNo Train Lev5
16 109
SoNo Train Lev6
8 117
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