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Parking Projects

The Parking Authority is often involved in a number of collaborative improvement initiatives and development projects in Norwalk. Current projects include:

2017 Capital Improvements

June 2017

Haviland Street Parking Garage

New LED lights will be used to retrofit existing pole lights, SNEW provided a $6K incentive rebate towards this project. All the fixture installations have been completed.

Yankee Doodle Garage

The new elevator is completely functional. The new glass has been replaced and all existing glasses have been cleaned. Trans-Clean has completed power washing the garage exterior. The contractor will start working on the lighting façade installations on Monday June 19th. The work is expected to be completed by the end of July.

South Norwalk Railroad Garage

Merritt Construction has begun repairing the cupolas on the eastbound lobby roof. They have replaced all existing wood siding and trimming with new material. Merritt Construction will be replacing three broken glass panels on the cupolas, a change order for the work is being processed.

East Norwalk Railroad Station Temporary Lot

The temporary commuter lot is now complete and open for permit parking.

For more information and images of improvements click below.

Facility Improvements 2016-2017

Parking Capacity Study

Issues around parking in Norwalk have been rising to the surface. The Mayor, the Redevelopment Agency and the Parking Authority are being approached by local businesses and residents requesting assistance to accommodate increasing demand for parking. It has become clear that these requests can no longer be handled singularly, but must be considered in the context of an overall parking capacity plan for the City.

The Parking Authority, along with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Redevelopment Agency, the Library and the SoNo and Wall Street Task Forces, will commission an in-depth parking capacity study and strategic parking plan. The study will involve a comprehensive inventory of Norwalk’s current public and private parking stock, as well as analysis of future parking needs, including a recommendation on the potential need for capital investment in additional surface or structured parking.

The goal of the study is the development of a citywide strategic parking plan to provide the City and the Parking Authority with a framework that helps articulate and clarify a vision and approach for parking in Norwalk. The aim is to come out of the planning process with a plan that will serve to align policy-makers, city staff, residents, business and property owners so that parking goals outlined in the plan are shared and reflect a common vision for the city as a whole. The plan will explore innovative strategies and parking values from a variety of users’ perspectives so that the implementation tools outlined in the plan can be used by all stakeholders to achieve the best parking plan possible. It is our intent that the study and resulting plan will be used to inform the Planning of Conservation and Development process.

Parking Steering Committee Minutes, 5.11.2017
Request for Proposal: Parking Capacity Study & Strategic Parking Plan, 3.21.17
Addendum to Request for Proposal Parking Capacity Study & Strategic Parking Plan, 3.29.2017
Parking Steering Comm minutes 3.8.17
Parking Steering Committee Minutes, 1.17.17

Yankee Doodle Garage Lighting Façade Project

As part of the ‘Art in Parking Places Program’, The Parking Authority received funding to create an illuminated art installation on the façade of the Yankee Doodle Parking Garage. The Garage, located in the Wall Street District, overlooks the Norwalk River. This installation, planned for spring/summer 2017, will be located on the outside wall where the entrance of the garage is facing the corner of River Street and Burnell Boulevard. The project is expected to transform the Yankee Doodle Garage into an artistic centerpiece in the Wall Street area as well as provide security and wayfinding through its unique lighting design.

Yankee Doodle Garage Lighting Project Description (PDF)

Head of the Harbor North/Main-Parking Lot

The Main/High Street Parking Lot is slated for redevelopment as part of the project, called Head of the Harbor North. This will create a mixed-use development that combines new construction and historic restoration to include housing, restaurants, retail establishments and office space. The project will preserve the existing 91 public parking spaces, but will require temporary alternative parking plan during the construction. See below for public meeting notes and updates.

Head of the Harbor Public Information Meeting Notes, 1.18.17
Head of the Harbor Parking Authority Meeting, 11.30.16